Free World 2012

by Free World

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released March 28, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Martin Kirby at Viva Hate Studios
Mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording



all rights reserved


Free World Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore

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Track Name: Home
I know I've said this once before
I'm losing ground, I'm losing mind
I'm holding on so fucking tight
I fight the rage that holds me back
and it's all become, so damn hard
when you're out of my reach
you found your path, but I'm still at
I'm still at that fucking fork

And I struggle to find my home
another night feeling left behind
Losing patience, full of rage
another night inside my mind

Left Behind, inside my mind

And I struggle to find my home
another night inside my mind
fighting rage controls my life
another night inside my mind.
Track Name: Blind
Two years on, so much changed
I never thought I'd see the day
where i would stand on my own
with a match burning in my hang
Here I go, I've said enough
Its time to light this fucking bridge
Those times were great, but I can't wait
I must keep pushing forward

I was told good friends were here to stay
but now I know most just run away
you turned your back and said so fucking long
growing up never felt so fucking wrong

I'm moving on

New horizons I must find
how could I be so fucking blind

Two years on, so much has changed
I never thought it'd be this way
I'v had enough, I'm letting go
you've forgotten who the fuck you are
this is it, its time for me
this is my time to leave
those days were great, but you don't care
that's fine now I'm moving on.
Track Name: Motivation
Sitting in this isolation
I am constantly, waiting for a fucking chance
for something to set me free
And I'm losing all Motivation
In everything I do, because i can't live this lie
a dead end line sucking me dry
and another hollow destination
which I can't avoid, I'm sinking in so deep
I'm surprised I can barely breathe

And I can't, bare to see it so far away from me
The real world is slowly killing me
And I know exactly where I'd be
Without four kids exactly like me

Sitting in this fucking room
There's no other way
These kids that keep me alive
You won't comprehend
And the sudden realisation
that you can't understand, this mean the whole world to me
this shit has saved my life

I don't think you know, what this means
What this fucking means.

Day in, day out, I try and I try
to hold onto those who are bright in my life
they are the ones, who help me to swim
to save me from drowning in this hell I am in.