by Free World

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released November 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Free World Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Hardcore

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Track Name: Memory
Leaving this behind, after everything that's said and done, nowhere to be seen, another face that joined that line, your words they fly, with the wind, they're so fucking paper thin, I'll never forget all those times, that fucking lied, cause I won't,let myself fall, for another flimsy line, sick of wasting all my time, said this would be ok, but things they never work that way, left me alone on my own, painful memories.

Your knife is in my back, memory, your life is in my past, memory.

And you said everything was gonna be ok, but now I know that you lie with every word you say, turn around and you spit in my fucking face, should have know weren't a friend in the first place.

First place should have known, first place should have known.

I will never fall.
Track Name: Revival
When did I lose control of everything, that
I've kept inside my head, fucking scream, when I dream, every night I'm afraid to sleep, I'm coming close to losing grip on everything in reality, I feel like I should let you know, remember that,

I have everything I need, turn my back start from scratch, I have everything I need turn my back start from scratch

Something I won't forget, I will not forget, something I won't regret, I will not regret.


I'm never giving in, into you, I'm never giving in, into you

This is my survival, this is my revival.
Track Name: Retrace
Take a look around and tell me nothings fucking wrong, but you don't give a fuck at all, self centered all along, always so fucking quick to preach your violent ways, when no one wants to see your face that's the price you fucking pay.

Retrace, every step you take, scars, for your own gain. Retrace, every step you take, violence, is never the way.

When no one gives a fuck about you, realise that's the,price you pay.
Isolated each and every day, realise that's the price you pay.
Track Name: Divide
I used to think this was everything, but the negative it took it's toll, Fucking scenes and Fucking trends, want to be seen when will it end, pride it fills this Fucking place, and it gets thrown in your face, I'm forgetting why I'm standing here, everything becomes so clear.

I never want to be apart, of something that judges me right from the start, I never want to be apart of something that has lost all of it's Fucking heart.

If fitting in, means selling out, then I don't want to be around, your hurting everything you hold, hurting everything you love, but I know it's not to late, to stand as one and recreate, a sense of love and unity, so drop that useless, fucking attitude.


We have to make this fucking right, before we lose, everything we have. We must bridge this growing divide, so this will feel like home again.
Track Name: Falling
Struggle to find,my feet, after years of this, stuck in a rut failed to break free, blame my own mistakes, but I never change a thing, haven't moved an inch, far too scared to fail.

It seems to Fucking easy, for everyone around,me too find their Fucking calling, while I'm still here falling.

Struggle to take the risk, that I know I need, push it all away patience is running thin, separate myself from everything holding me back.
I'm still,waiting for my,life to start.

I gotta start to think straight, before I become everything I hate, a life with nothing, left to show another ghost that's on that road. Cause I'm not content, with the way my days are spent, waiting wishing for something more, while regret comes knocking at my door.

Breaking away from this reality, I will finally set myself free
Track Name: Vanity
I awake to another day what will I see, another soul that's on the floor screaming help me please, living in a society that seems to thrive, on what you have not who you are, vanity before a generous heart.
Losing all hope in humanity, you are not, losing all hope in society, as good as you think, obsessing,over all the,things you own, fuck yourself, taking,pride in all of the wrong things.

Take a loom inside, afraid of what you'll see

There's so much more to life, than what you have I'm sight, a world full of hate, closed hearts think only,of themselves.

I've seen this Fucking world, take only for itself, standing,on broken backs, for your personal gain. I've seen a perfect world, behind your selfishness, open up your Fucking mind, learn to give not just take.
change your ways and start to think of someone not yourself, turn your back I'm vanity find that moment of clarity